Appreciation award given by Vidarbha Psychiatry Association 2016

With the therapy I got insight into my problems. It really helped me and hearty thanks to the Doctor for her guidance.

  • Ms. V. Nair

I had a very difficult past; it has been affecting me present in many ways. With the expertise and therapy by Dr. Deepali I am feeling better and better with each passing day. Highly recommend to anyone going through a major life crisis

  • Ms. A. Goyal

My daughter stopped going to school for many months because of fear. We tried many treatments. But there were no results. With the hypnotherapy she joined her school back and got good grades in her exams.

  • Mr. S. Iyer

I have experienced a great change in my personality and behavior, which has really helped me in my professional and personal life. I had never thought that this hypnotherapy could be such a wonderful healing process which will heal all mental stresses. I am now able to tackle the toughest situations of my life. I am really grateful to the Institute for showing me a new path and a new way of living a joyful life. I would definitely suggest to all my friends, relatives and colleagues to go for it if they are facing from such problems.

  • Ms. P. Malle

The Mindfulness based hypnotherapy course has really helped me a lot. My mind is lot more stable now. I can control my thoughts and focus on my work. It is also very relaxing and helps in beating stress.

  • Mr. A. Saxena

This Cognitive hypnotherapy was very helpful and enlightening. It helped me to identify the root cause of my problems and see it from different angle. It has helped me reanalyse myself and people around me. Now I can see relationships and situation in a different light. This hypnotherapy course has removed all the obstacles and problems that earlier appeared to me as bigger than life itself.

  • Mr. S. Brien

When meeting with 10-15 people everytime I used to sweat, have cold palms and numbness in hands. But after the hypnotherapy treatment, now even in front of 50 people in a meeting for the first time I was confident, not only from outside but also from within. How to change my thoughts and perception along with relaxation training of the mind has given me these results which were beyond my expectations. A big Thank You to both the doctors.

  • Mr. C. Karvir

I felt a remarkable change and discovered a new approach to mental health and well being

  • Mr. Rajdip J.

The treatment program was very satisfactory especially the self hypnosis training which helped to increase my self confidence

  • Roopali G.

Both are excellent therapist. I had a really healing experience.

  • Ms. S . Manohar

It is strange when I think back to the day when my friend recommended me to go for hypnotherapy. It took all my courage to pick the phone up and call you but I&apose; m so glad I did. I always dwelled on everything and imagined the worst. I spent more time than I care to admit wondering "what if" and never really doing anything. When I look back now I am amazed at how much my hypnotherapy sessions with Dr. Deepali have helped me. From our first meeting, you made me feel at ease and very relaxed and comfortable. She explained everything and by the end of that first meeting I knew she really cared about ME. Deepali is so easy to talk to and within minutes I felt I could trust her. These days I am so much more laid back. I have so much more confidence and I laugh − a lot! My family and my friends have all commented on how different they think I am now. Thank you so much Deepali. You are a gem of a person.

  • Ms. C. Khullar